Medical Professional Lending

Home Loans for Medical Professionals

Medical Lending

We can help you use your debt effectively by ensuring you get a financial product that gives you freedom – not limitations. After all, when you are looking to invest and need the capital to start, it’s often overwhelming to think about looking for a lender. We customise your lending and financial products to ensure that you can realise your investment goals and set up a brighter financial future.

We take the time to sit with you and understand what your goals are – whether you want to refinance and realise your equity, or if you want to make larger repayments to keep interest low – and then we lock in a financial product that meets your goals. We offer flexible home loans for medical professionals at rates that won’t break the bank.

Medical professional mortgage loan

When you apply for a medical professional mortgage loan with ICFG, you don’t have to worry about Lenders Mortgage Insurance – which is usually needed if you provide less than 20% deposit. However, given the doctors have strong employment prospects and a high income, they’re considered low risk to lenders.

Medical business loans

If you’re thinking about launching your own practice and are in need of some finance, you’re in luck. Lenders offer special rates on medical business loans as allied health professionals are considered low risk. Unlike regular lending, you can borrow up to 100% of the commercial property value.